Popular strains sold at Bal Harbour Dispensaries

Cannabis is a plant genus known for its medicinal and recreational uses. It also has a mind-altering effect. In the modern world, Cannabis used is divided into two parts; medicinal and recreational. Recreational cannabis users use it for enjoyment and stress relief. Medicinal use of Cannabis includes treatment of pain, anxiety, insomnia, and much more. 

The cannabis plant consists of many active compounds and flavonoids in it. The main active ingredients are THC and CBD.  

Cannabis is said to be generally discovered in central Asia, but as time passed, many explorers would carry the plant to different locations and bred them there, giving rise to a new species with different shapes and sizes, and these varieties were called landrace strains. Horticulturists further cross-bred the plant with different strains and got many different strains with distinguishing properties. 

Popular strains sold at Bal Harbour dispensaries, FL: 

After the legalization of cannabis in different states throughout the USA, many strains were introduced in the common market. The strains are divided into three distinctive classes according to their derivative plant with the following being popular and in the dispensaries at Bal Harbour, FL:  

Hybrid Cannabis Strain: 

1. OG Kush Strain: 

It is also known as Kush Weed. It consists of about 20-25% THC and 0.0-0.05% CBD concentrations. Its lineage is Hindu Kush Afghani Indica. It is used to treat anxiety, depression, epilepsy, Crohn’s, Pain and Insomnia, Long-term pain management, cancer and chemotherapy symptoms. 

2. Gorilla Grapes Hybrid Strain 

It is included in the hybrid Cannabis strain class. It has about 24-30% THC concentration. It is 70% Indica and 30% Sativum. It is used to in the treat conditions like chronic pain, migraine, cramps, nausea, appetite loss and chronic stress. 

Sativa Cannabis Strain: 

The strains derived from the plant “Cannabis Sativum” are included in this class. Some popular examples that are sold highly in Bal Harbour dispensaries are the following: 

1. Sour Diesel Strain: 

It is derived from the sativa plant. It has about 20-22% THC and 0.2-0.5% CBD concentration. Its origin is “Chemdawg 91 Super Skunk”. This Marijuana strain is greatly used to treat pain, stress and anxiety. Furthermore, it gives a euphoric energy to the face the day.  

2. White Buffalo Strain: 

It is also derived from the sativa plant. It has about 19% THC concentration in it. The taste is similar to a combination of pepper and citrus. White buffalo strain provides a powerful blast of euphoria and gives an up-lifting experience to the patient. It is used to treat Depression, anxiety, lack of interest in normal life activities and any condition that makes us unhappy and down.  

Indica Cannabis Strain: 

The strains are derived from the plant “Cannabis Indica”. Some popular examples of indica strains sold highly in Bal Harbor are given below. 

1. Do-Si-Dos Indica Strain: 

It has a surprising 83% THC concentration in it. It is derived from the indica plant. It is well known for its anti-anxiety properties and aids in sleeping. The dos strain is used to treat long term pain management, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, seizures, insomnia. 

2. 9LB Hammer Strain: 

It consists about 19% THC concentration. It has a peppery taste. It is used in the treatment of anxiety, depression, epilepsy, seizures and insomnia. It has a more calming effect rather than energizing. 


Every cannabis strain is unique and has remarkable properties and has a wide use in medical treatment and modern medicine, if more research is done on this plan. It is believed that a breakthrough that can shape the modern medicine can be made in the near future. Hence it is necessary for the law to implement rules and laws and regulate them. Also, every cannabis strain has its own distinctive THC and CBD concentration and is to be sold by a professional.